By The Northern Hemisphere has not been OK. Heatwaves in Europe, record wildfires in California, flooding in Africa, many, many tropical storms, and possibly the highest temperature reliably recorded on Earth. A dramatic recovery from drought across New South Wales gives many farmers the opportunity to plan ahead for future dry spells as they look forward to this season's bumper crop. Good autumn rainfall and low stock numbers has led to bumper crops and grass growth, prompting concerns about the potential for major grass fires during the fire season. While farmers are keeping the nation fed during the coronavirus lockdown, many struggle to put food on their own tables. The Bureau of Meteorology is not responsible for declaring whether a region is or isn't in drought—that's a state government responsibility. Yet the mayor says Biggenden's "yucky" drinking water won't improve soon. But locals have rallied for a bit of fun to create a collection of pun-inspired hay sculptures. A week of unexpected rain in western New South Wales has delivered mixed results, bringing immense relief for some farmers, while barely wetting the dirt for their neighbours. The 48kg, 1.4 metre cod was pulled from a kayak in the dead of night. The NSW Government's plan to divert an unquantified amount of water from the Darling River at Bourke has angered landholders, with one politician labelling the move "illegal". and But rain is likely for large sections of the east coast. By Scientists are thrilled to record a resurging population of the small-bodied native congolli fish in South Australian waters. and The brown, red water is a welcome sight. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no By For August to date, soil moisture is above average across eastern coastal areas and mostly average to above average in Murray–Darling Basin catchments. An emergency flood declaration is declared for the township of St George in the southern inland as floodwaters continue to rise in south-west Queensland. After a patchy and late wet season in north-west Queensland, a cautious sense of optimism is starting to creep in with a higher than average rainfall forecast in the coming months. What would possess anyone to run towards a terrifying storm? A 21-month-old Western Queensland bull named Rondel Whiskey sets a record at the Central Queensland Livestock Exchange near Rockhampton, going under the hammer for $160,000. The brown dust storm left a layer of muck over cars right across the city and has prompted air quality concerns. Click here to sign in with Growers are gazing ahead to a glorious harvest if the season continues as it is, after a sharp turnaround in rainfall for New South Wales this year. In a controversial interview with ITV's Good Morning Britain earlier this year, Coalition MP Craig Kelly claimed Australia has seen more rain in the first 20 years of this century compared to the first 20 years of the last. Regional people 'starved of company' are growing more excited at the prospect of shows and field days going ahead, organisers say. The "catastrophic" deaths of hundreds of African elephants is just the start of mass die-offs that could even strike in Australia as toxic algae blooms become "more common and severe". Wombats on a NSW Hunter Valley farm are being hailed as heroes for burrowing down to an underground soak and supplying water to an array of native fauna hit hard by drought. The NSW Government promised a massive cull of feral animals to help protect wild life and farmer's livestock after devastating fires, but there are concerns it's not enough. Farmers brace for the drought to worsen, with the opportunity for autumn rain and significant pasture growth diminishing as winter closes in. But soil moisture levels are below average for August across much of southwestern Australia, southern parts of South Australia, northern Tasmania, northern parts of the Northern Territory and parts of central Queensland. By Firefighters fear 'horrific' fire season with increased risk of grass fires, Major grass fire season predicted for western NSW as crops and grass bloom, 'We are suffering': WA dry spell worsens with record water deficiency declaration, Millions of bottles donated to help farmers who've 'copped the trifecta', Calling time on a 65-year career in the saleyards and real estate, Drought a bigger impact on Australian agriculture than coronavirus, new figures show, Cotton crop the smallest in 40 years, but innovation grows from tough times, The unexpected effect of a campaign that helped businesses survive the drought, Outback Menindee, hit by drought and fish kills, finally gets a reprieve, Drought support payments miss the mark for some graziers, Queensland's best beaches are discarded NSW dirt, Farmers say they've been left in the lurch as drought assistance scheme runs dry, DMS: A stinky little gas with big impacts.

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