They feel like scenes from a play, and the actress takes sublime interpretive hold of them. Like Jasmine née Jeanette, Allen, of course, also endured (in the early nineties) the shattering of his public identity and a barrage of hostility; like her, he was rejected by one of his children in the wake of scandal. As her muddled mind flashes back to her luxurious East Coast existence, she realizes that she regularly turned a blind eye to her husband's flaws as a relentless skirt-chaser as well as a heartless crook. He brings out the elaborate backstory through deftly crafted flashbacks that serve as strong a psychological and thematic purpose as a narrative one—to fill the present with the past. In this case it is as if Jasmine doesn’t want to let the song get the better of her and so she smiles it off until the smile doesn’t work anymore. It is a fantastic but delicate piece of film that is not for everyone, but for me it was very good. It’s not because I’m a cynic; I actually admire Allen for being a writer who has a grasp on reality. © 2020 Condé Nast. Continuing the previous point, did Allen deliberately write such a detestable character? I know he is a controversial figure due to allegations and rumours recently but I’m chosing to ignore those. From there the film follows Jasmine as we look back in to her troubled past whilst moving to the present to see her trying to place her life back together piece by piece. Sony Classics have my upmost respect for supporting the film and distributing it so that wider audiences can see it, one of the most intelligent decisions to have been made in recent years regarding cinema. The scene with the dentist may have been a step too far – I’m aware this is vague for someone who has not seen the film but for those who have it’s quite obvious what I’m referring to. That setup allows the director to provide the film's most horrifyingly amusing Allen-esque sequence: A repelled Blanchett squirming out of the sweaty embrace of her employer, a creep played to the hilt by Michael Stuhlbarg, who tries to romance Jasmine with an offer of nitrous oxide. It’s interesting that this is even considered by Jasmine because not only is she just comparing him to her ex husband but also it seems like she is over compensating. Allen sometimes fills in too many of the blanks. For a better summary I advise watching her Oscar speech which, although I can’t stand the awards, was exceptional. It’s a word that obviously carries a lot of meanings behind it and is usually used in cases of extreme emotional turmoil and so it is not a word that can be used lightly. His highly accomplished films of the eighties sometimes felt as if they had grown respectable; I was waiting for him to break out.

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