After the murder is solved, there is a substantial coda in which Lord Peter deals with his scruples about playing God in exposing the culprit by engaging the best lawyer possible for him and yet remaining haunted by the memory of his complicity in the death, no matter how well deserved, of another man. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. I hope it’s insured.’ To do her justice, I can’t see that she could have found anything nastier to say if she’d thought it out with both hands for a fortnight.”, “Yesterday she looked like a Renaissance portrait stepped out of its frame. So Sayers opens with one chapter of excerpts from letters between friends and not-so-friendly people, and parts of the Dowager's diary for the days leading up to the wedding. Even when I felt most awful I never thought of killing myself or wanting to die - only of somehow getting out of the mess and starting again.”, “What was that you called me?’ ‘Oh, Peter – how absurd! She”, “Harriet was angry, and her face showed it. I've always loved him, and I particularly like this book because it is not your average crime novel. "They boast of it -- 'My husband would do anything for me...' It's degrading. All Quotes Peter joined us at lunch – also Helen, who demanded to see the ring, and said sharply, ‘Good Heavens! ""I know, I've heard them." Busman's Honeymoon by Dorothy L. Sayers. However, neither Lord Peter nor his intended, Harriet Vane care two figs about others’ opinions on their nuptials. It strikes me as even loooonger on characters who are characters than I remember from her other books, offering unusually extended swatches of village rustic, country-bumpkinish dialogue to contrast with quicker, upper-crust wit. Posted by Suzannah at 9:00 AM. Lord Peter Wimsey and author Harriet Vane have finally gotten themselves well and truly married. JOHN DONNE: Eclogue for the Marriage of the Earl of Somerset.”, “It has been said, by myself and others, that a love-interest is only an intrusion upon a detective story. I think it works quite well and makes really charming reading. Tbere's enough of a mystery to make it worthy of being called a mystery novel, but no more than that. Not that Sayers is so gauche as to reveal ALL about the wedding night, but it's abundantly obvious that our favorite lord and his new lady have quite a nice time of it. Well, we knew that at the end of Gaudy Night...what with them kissing madly in the middle of Oxford and all. ", “She reflected she must be completely besotted with Peter, if his laughter could hallow an aspidistra.”, “Even if it is the twilight of the world, before night falls I will sleep in your arms.’ . Quotes By Dorothy L. Sayers. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Delighted to please her, Peter buys the house from the current owner, Noakes, who agrees to stay there until they move in.

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