At an amusement park, Tenderheart Bear spots a magician's apprentice named Nicholas. [10][54] Three associate producers worked on the film:[10][11] Paul Pressler, another employee at Kenner;[55] John Bohach, who later became LBS' executive vice-president;[56] and Harvey Levin. Cheer Bear raises concern that this may be a frivolous use of Twinkers' power. There's nothing insidious about the Care Bears, but their overbearing sweetness may not appeal to all viewers." "On the other hand," he added, "the producers obviously couldn't afford an expensive [multiplane] camera, the staple of the Disney product, and so the scenes have a depressing flatness to them. [63] According to him, it was the first time an animated "work in progress" was screened to exhibitors; this ploy has since been used by the Disney company,[63] particularly in the case of Beauty and the Beast (at the 1991 New York Film Festival). [181] While complimenting it as "a harmless film diversion", Stephen Hunter said that "the movie has the lustrous, glossy look of the very best in children's book illustrations". [146] On July 21, 1986, the Bermudez de Castro company opened the film in Madrid, Spain, as Los osos amorosos; it grossed over 23,728,000 Pts (€142,606; US$199,500) from 93,294 admissions. "[43] Nelvana was responsible for the script,[44] several special effects, including those for the "Care Bear Stare",[45] and hired musicians and voice actors. "[193] Stoffman observed, "one of the youngest target audiences of any animated movie",[158] as did the Halliwell's staff;[184] film critic Leonard Maltin (in his Movie Guide);[194] and Henry Herx (in his Family Guide to Movies on Video). Wish Bear, however, assures everyone that she is a trained professional. She cautioned parents of the merchandising aspect behind the tapes. "[180], The animation in the film received mixed reviews as well. He added that "this sugar-coated trifle could only satisfy the most ardent Care Bears fan", and that "the characters themselves lack definition". Distributors [70] Critics compared at least two aspects of the film to Disney's Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs: the Spirit received similarities to the Magic Mirror and the Wicked Queen,[70][178][182][183] but Charles Solomon felt that the Bears lacked the individual qualities of the Dwarfs. [86] Solomon noted that in animated features of that era, villains such as the Spirit "lacked motivation—if the viewer accepts their evil intentions, it's only because he's been told to". Jeffrey Alan Schechter Feeling sad that her fellow Care Bears don't seem to appreciate her wishes, Wish Bear uses her wish star, Twinkers, to find some bears who love wishing as much as she does. 75 minutes [71] Hunter noted that "the celestial physics are left vague", concerning Kim and Jason's trip from Care-a-lot to the Forest of Feelings. [31][22][24] To convince the production partnership of TCFC and Kenner Toys, Hirsh held a competition inspired by Pepsi-Cola's "Pepsi Challenge" commercials of the time, in which he tested clips from Nelvana and other vying studios and checked the "animation quality, music, sound effects, and colour" of each.

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