Lisa wrote: "I've read the first book, and I'd guess they should be read in order. 12 & up, I'd say, but that's because I think most 12 year old ki..." I read somewhere that they're recommended for 9 and up. An eleven year-old girl with a passion for poison and all things chemistry-related uses her knowledge to solve murders in the English countryside. It’s an age when life’s grimmer complexities become more tangible, but it’s also an age when there’s still daily wonder in being a kid. I also consider these books adult books, not children's books. In LUCE, Amy (Naomi Watts) and Peter Edgar are proud of their adopted son, Luce (Kelvin Harrison Jr.), whom they rescued from war-torn Eritrea when he was a child.An accomplished student, debater, and athlete at his school, Luce nonetheless arouses suspicion in teacher Ms. Wilson (Octavia Spencer).She searches his locker and discovers illegal, deadly fireworks.

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