We strongly encourage people of color, LGBTQ+ individuals, people with disabilities, and individuals who may contribute to the diversity of our perspectives to apply. We are an all-volunteer organization. Fiction - Short stories or excerpts from unpublished novels, typically 1,500 - 7,000 words. My beloved gave me language instead of seed. View Your Historic wildfires reflect not only a failure to care for the environment, but for each other. An Important AnnouncementWe are excited to announce a brand new offering: Duosuma — Duotrope's Submission Manager.It helps publishing projects and literary agents receive and manage their submissions quickly, easily, and affordably. Allow. If you need to withdraw an individual poem, you can add a note to your submission. Shortform nonfiction - News, reviews, commentary, and criticism, typically 1,000 - 3,000 words. The ground shook and shook. The journalist and academic on defining the burnout generation—and literally writing the book on it. Response time will likely be longer than either of us would like. Eula Biss’s essay collection Having and Being Had tries to tangle with the compromises of life under capitalism. Guernica is a non-profit magazine dedicated to global art and politics, published online since 2004. These are based on my own experience as a writer. Guernica is a non-profit magazine dedicated to global art and politics, published online since 2004. Allow at least sixteen weeks for a response. Things change quickly in publishing. Most recent response reported was received on 16 Oct 2020. The climate reporter on what a Justice Amy Coney Barrett would mean for the environment. It is not unusual for publications to evolve or close without notice. We estimate the weekly time commitment to be from ten to fifteen hours. Submissions. For any questions, please contact: grace(at)guernicamag(dot)com. Applicants must be able to attend virtual meetings which are held in Eastern Standard Time. We are currently accepting submissions in the following categories: If a piece is particularly time sensitive, please indicate that by adding "TIMELY" to the subject line. Guernica is a non-profit magazine dedicated to global art and politics, published online since 2004. Note that we do not publish flash fiction or genre pieces. We are pleased to announce that Guernica is looking for applicants to join its winter/spring fellowship, which will be conducted remotely. Responses have been received for submissions sent as recently as 12 Oct 2020. Our fingers got wet. I change my avatar from a catgirl with blue eyes to one with green eyes. Founded online in 2004, Guernica is an award-winning 501(c)3 non-profit magazine focused on the intersection of arts and politics. Try to read at least one previous publication to get a better idea of what the editor would like to see. We list broad pay categories rather than payment specifics. Longform nonfiction - Essays, memoir, and reportage, typically 3,000 - 7,500 words. Be professional, patient, and persistent. Last Updated: 11 Oct 2020Last Checked: 20 Oct 2020 ?We check each active listing's guidelines page for changes once a month (if compliant).Last Audited: 16 Jun 2020 ?We audit each active listing twice a year.Date Added: 11 Apr 2007, We cannot guarantee that the information on this page is correct. The program, which runs from the beginning of January through June 2021, aims to provide deep training in magazine editing and production. Please send up to five poems of any length. Stephanie LaCava’s The Superrationals tells the story of the rich and oblivious. Translations may have appeared in their original languages, but not in English. Natalie Diaz and Nathalie Handal: Map of the Next World, Anne Helen Peterson: “What else is there but my ability to work?”, Destiny O. Birdsong: Infinite Negotiations. Unbuilding each rampart of our small, animal hearts. Allow at least sixteen weeks for a response. This form is for nonfiction submissions of all types in excess of 3,000 words. The editors will try to make a decision within 120 days. “I like the idea that a poem is a dress that can fit the wearer.”. We are an all-volunteer organization. Guernica welcomes submissions from writers at all stages of their careers. Harvesting wheat in California's warming climate, a writer considers what’s sacred. This form is for nonfiction submissions of all types between 1,000 and 3,000 words. Please one submission at a time, no multiple submissions. The new catgirl still has short black hair, but instead of a schoolgirl outfit, she’s wearing a black triangle bikini with white edging and her breasts are huge. Above us the sound barrier was being broken. Up to six emerging writers, editors, and multimedia journalists will be selected for a six-month fellowship, which will include: -       Opportunities to work across the editorial planning and production cycle of the magazine, -       Fact-checking, formatting, and copy editing, -       Assisting with publicity and social media, -       Opportunities to pitch pieces for publication, -       Mentorship from senior staff and training from industry professionals. With contributors from every continent and at every stage of their careers, we are a home for singular voices, incisive ideas, and critical questions. Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis and the reading period will close on 11/18/20. Americans? (13.3 % of the responses reported to us for this market have taken longer than 120 days.) I let it grow in the places where my loss emptied me out. Simultaneous submissions are acceptable, as long as you immediately notify the. This includes essays, memoir, reportage, reviews, and criticism. More From Medium The Next Layer. Vanessa Guillén’s murder was a stark reminder of the dangers facing women in the Army. Our focus when reviewing applications will be on finding emerging writers, journalists, and editors with clear passion for digital publishing and literary reportage, and evident intellectual curiosity.

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