She belongs from a very respectful and financially sound family. In personal life, Kate remains away from social media and she does not like to use these platforms, unlike her husband. She owes her popularity to her “military love story” with the British comedian John Oliver, who has received several Emmy awards. She started working as a veteran’s rights advocate for Vets for Freedom, an organization founded in 2006. ", The comedian obviously admires his wife, and it's easy to see why. She was born in the year 1978 (age 41 years; as in 2019) on 25 May. She decided to serve the country by working in the military and she decided because the attacks of 9/11 affected her a lot and then she decided that she wants to … Because of the accident, she suffered injuries on her head and it took her time to recover. During her time in the Army, she displayed tremendous fortitude as she learnt how to deal with the most challenging situations; she remains happy with the unconventional choices she made. The couple soon tied the knot. There is no image on her husband’s account in which we can see them together. After attending Episcopal High School boarding school in Arlington, Virginia, Norley enlisted in the Army, a decision that was made in the advent of the 9/11 attacks. The year after, the couple got married. Kate Norley is a veteran of the American Iraq War, who worked as a paramedic for the US Army and as a psychologist. She would often share her stories with the media, such as The Washingtonian, which detailed a touching reunion between Norley and an Iraqi woman at the White House. In St. Paul Minnesota in the year 2008 during a Republican convention, they both met. The story about her meeting with her husband is quite interesting. Later on, her mother married her second husband Dennis Mannion. When she was a child then she met with an accident because of a drunk driver. She has been married to John Oliver since October 2011. She holds American citizenship and is of mixed ethnicity. However, she decided to enroll herself into the military in the wake of the terror attacks in New York and Washington D.C. in 2001. John Oliver’s spouse did her medical studies from George Washington University after schooling from Episcopal High School. The Beautiful Indifference, Haweswater, Sudden Traveler: Stories, The Carhullan Army, Madame Zero: 9 Stories, and The Wolf Border are the names of Sarah's popular novels. She currently works as a veteran rights advocate for ‘Vets for Freedom’. In the same year, Norley spoke about gender equality at the Cross-Cultural Solutions Global Summit. There she spent 12 months. Kate believes that the army gave her a chance for doing things she never dreamt she was capable of.When her Iraq stint was about to conclude, she was given the honor of addressing the students of University of Baghdad about gender equality. He has worked in numerous shows and has earned millions and the couple possesses a net worth of $10 million. She started her career as a poet for magazines after finishing her studies at the universities in Aberystwyth and St Andrews. The couple has a son named Hudson who was born on 12 November 2015. She has appeared on Fox News in order to extend her support for more funds for the American Troops. Subsequently, she enrolled for medical training and completed it at Ft. Sam Houston, Texas. Kate Norley is the wife of English comedian and TV host John Oliver. At present, she is an activist also whose motivate is to fight for the rights of the military veterans. During her service, she has worked in places like Iraq, Fallujah, Ramadi, and others. Oliver describes Norley as "very American with a capital A," and her views on what it means to be American have apparently transformed the way he looks at the country. Kate Norley (born May 25, 1978) is a retired military medic who has worked for years in the US military. The man is famous for shows like “Last Week Tonight”. Kate Norley Wiki, Age (John Oliver’s Wife) Biography, Family & Facts, Maria Zulay Salaues Wiki, Age (Paul Pogba’s Wife) Biography, Family & Facts, Amber Seyer Wiki, Age (Barry Zito’s Wife) Biography, Family & More, Laura Gallacher Wiki, Age (Russell Brand’s Wife) Biography, Family & More, Elizabeth Barry Smith Wiki, Age (Alex Smith’s Wife) Biography, Family, Facts, Emily Joyce Wiki, Age (Dwight Yoakam’s Wife) Biography, Family & Facts, Sally Stewart Wiki (Chad Coleman’s Wife) Age, Biography, Family & More, Mana Shetty Wiki, Age (Suniel Shetty’s Wife) Biography, Family & Facts, Joan Templeman Wiki, Age (Richard Branson’s Wife) Biography & Family, Wanda Miller Wiki, Age (Kenny Rogers’ Wife) Biography, Family & Facts, Antonia Staats Wiki, Age (Neil Ferguson’s Wife) Biography, Family & Facts, Jo Eun Jung Wiki, Age (So Ji Sub’s Wife) Biography, Family & Facts, Niharika Raje Wiki, Age (Dushyant Singh’s Wife) Biography, Family & Facts. She now works as a veterans' rights advocate. After this, she got deployed back to the country (USA) where she became the faculty member of the Walter Reed Medical facility Washington.,, Home » Famous Spouses » Kate Norley Wiki, Age (John Oliver’s Wife) Biography, Family & Facts. Kate Norley aka Kate Oliver is the lovely wife of English comedian and host of HBO’s Last Week Tonight John Oliver. She currently works as a veteran rights advocate for ‘Vets for Freedom’. According to a Stars and Stripes profile, Norley comes from an affluent family but never saw herself above the fray. They have two children. She joined the 1st Cavalry Division of Fort Hood in Texas as part of the first reinforcements. Kate Norley (m. 2011) Children 2 Website John William Oliver (born 23 April 1977) is a British comedian, writer, producer, political commentator, actor, and television host. She is an Army combat medic and Iraq war veteran. Also, he is the CEO and founder of On… They realized she was extremely determined and would see till the end of her ambition and they agreed. They started off as friends and exchanged several emails and started dating. In 2003, she was deployed in Iraq for a period of 16 months. John Oliver struggled a lot for the US green card which he received finally in 2009. While you're probably less familiar with John Oliver's wife Kate Norley, she has a … He's the funny guy who makes the news understandable, and he's also one half of an inspiring power couple. Because of the accident, she lost some of her abilities like writing and speaking which she learned again. Her husband John Oliver is a political commentator, comedian-actor from England. Hall has won many awards for her amazing creative writing. She is very religious and has a strong belief in god. She had to relearn several components, such as reading and writing, again. The aim of the organization is to combat terrorism and it supports political candidates who are aligned with its views. Kate Norley was in born in Arlington Virginia in 1983. They became friends and dated each other for 2 years after which in 2010 they got married. Norley’s biological father Walt Norley designs golf courses. She soon specialized in handling combat stress; she remained the only female combat stress specialist in the troops and was awarded the Combat Medic badge for the valor she displayed when she provided medical care while the station was under fire. After the terrorist attacks in America, Kate Norley got moved and she made her mind that she wants to help her country as a medic in the army. Oliver was there working as part of his Daily Show job when, according to The Boston Globe, Norley and Vets for Freedom members helped hide Oliver and his crew from security. I wouldn't be satisfied I’m finished with what I set out to do,” she told Stars and Stripes while serving in 2004. When she was four years four, her parents divorced and she started to live with her mother. She believed that this was the best way she could serve her country. When she made her decision to join the army than her father “Walt Norley” and mother “Pam Mannion” completely supported her. See full bio » Of all places, Oliver and Norley met at the 2008 Republican Convention in St. Paul, Minnesota. She served in Iraq as a U.S. Army combat medic in Fallujah and Ramadi and as a mental health specialist in the field, counseling soldiers on returning back to conflict. Her parents parted ways when she was a toddler but were overwhelmingly available for her upbringing. Kate Norley was born on May 25, 1978, to Pam Mannion and Walt Norley, in Arlington, Virginia. Kate met John Oliver at the 2008 Republican Convention in St. Paul, Minnesota, where Olive had come as part of his Daily Show job. Her parents divorced when she was four, and her mother married Dennis Mannion.. Her parents though not opposed to the decision had a discussion with her about the change. "I'm a little more defensive of how America is perceived overseas," he tells the Globe. The couple tied the knot in October 2011. A woman of her own standing, one of Norley’s ambition is to start a women-led nonprofit organization that is not tied either to politics or religion and is aimed at empowering women. Let me tell you here that he has donated millions of dollars from his earnings. It was in the year 2003 when she first got deployed in Iraq. They both now live together in New York, USA. All rights reserved. The organization aims at conquering the rampant terrorism present in the world today. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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