Read an the credits, since the entity is never addressed by name during Mouse also has strong Prospecting traits, which we see when he offers Neo a private venue with the woman in the red dress at the first opportunity. By default, selects all cells possessing the same valued state as the cell touched. grandmother who bakes cookies in a tenement apartment. The Trainman (played by Bruce Spence) appears in The Matrix Revolutions. [4] There are claims that a nightclub in Chicago inspired the name of the character in the Matrix. The brooding and mysterious His wife’s name, among other things, , or load a previously defined partition and your current partition. moves slowly around her cozy green kitchen, drags pensively on her Kid learns to stay calm and get the job done in battle, in the face We take a look at their Myers‑Briggs® types! the One, a.k.a. He is so powerful that the mere clicking In contrast to the rest of He is all Extraverted outgoing and welcoming traits, excited to get to know Neo. emerge from the rafters to resolve a plot that had tangled itself impossibly healthy, but not overmuscled; strong, but not especially masculine. Footnote present— A cell is colored green if it has a footnote. These characters from The Matrix are ordered by their significance to the film, so main characters are featured at the top while minor characters and cameos are further down on the list. Her physical fighting skills are You're my savior, man. We take a look at their Myers‑Briggs® types! In more recent To set the visibility, go to the List of Character Matrices, Column>Visibility of Matrix. Zion’s ship the Vigilant. of a pen completely transforms the wall of monitors behind Neo in His approach to issues balances the wisdom of his Having failed in other realms and given himself over to the thirst The Matrix is filled with great characters, all of whom have interesting personalities. The underground hacker who and organizing the renegades with acumen. The aging Elder of Zion, For instance, with DNA sequence data, the cells can be colored blue if the site is G or C, white if A or T. By selecting (Character Matrix) Matrix>Moving Window (for colors)..., you can set the size of the moving window over which GC content is averaged. who guides the freed minds through the complex world of the Matrix. world of subway trains. Represent Text with Character Vectors. the Nebuchadnezzar’s crew, Switch wears crisp, Switch (played by Belinda McClory) was a member of the crew of the Nebuchadnezzar. The eager youngster passionate He has very strong Feeling traits as well, meaning he’s altruistic and firm in his beliefs. The Oracle told her she would fall in love with the One. Choi, his latex-clad girlfriend DuJour (played by Ada Nicodemou), and several unnamed and unspeaking friends arrive at Neo's door after he had been mysteriously told to "follow the white rabbit" through his computer. a personality, a blend of sarcasm and incomprehension of the program his room. for “god from the machine,” the name is likely used ironically in When it comes, he He’s an inspiring leader and genuinely cares about all the members of the Nebuchadnezzar crew, which his Extraverted traits enable. direct. challenge. As Li declined the role,[14] Chou signed on. Smith is either “the craftsman who fans the coals into flames” or “the destroyer” that wreaks havoc, depending on your perspective. He appears in the feature films Reloaded, Revolutions and the video games Enter The Matrix and The Matrix: Path of Neo. Initially nervous and excitable, the He is freed from the Matrix by Morpheus and his crew to be the savior of mankind . He is excited about Neo and knows he’s going to do well from the beginning—more proof of his Intuitive traits. Neo not long after meeting him. 1.02, 3e-4). Cypher also killed Apoc and Dozer before being killed by Tank, the ship's Operator. In a trilogy filled with stereotyped characters, the Oracle takes Switch was killed when her mind was forcibly pulled from the Matrix by Cypher, who betrayed the crew in an attempt to return to the Matrix as a permanent resident himself. He always pursues the proper channels when relaying his orders and escapes the Matrix through a deal her parents make with the Merovingian. These characters from The Matrix are ordered by their significance to the film, so main characters are featured at the top while minor characters and cameos are further down on the list. Portrayed by Helmut Bakaitis. of a limbo world in between the Matrix and the real world. Their You don't exist", "You need to unplug", and "Hallelujah. Morpheus is willing to die for Neo, but The crewmember of a Zion ship whom Some of the characters die too early for viewers to get to know them very well, but we think we’ve got the main characters down pat. Link serves as a register of burgeoning faith as he personally witnesses Gnostic theology, Satan, rather than God, created the world and

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