Seth Rogen has made it no secret he really, really wants to remake this ‘80s-cable staple and we so wish he would. Almost 40 years after its release, it is still the benchmark to which all entries in the franchise are measured — thanks to such iconic moments as Han Solo frozen in carbonite and the whole “I am your father” thing. Somehow, Making Predator Was WAY More Insane Than The Actual Movie, Killer Details In ‘Predator’ That Fans Have Hunted Down. A movie like Cocoon stands apart in the sci-fi genre for being so completely unique. Yeah, that last part doesn’t hold up well now (and it didn’t really back then). Get your daily life hack right in your inbox. The Avengers Assembled Over Twitter's Chris Discourse — Where Was This Energy For Other Costars. …to the point where he must become half man, half machine, all cop to clean the city’s crime-drenched streets and find the very bad guys who “killed” him. Without him, other robot characters like Chappie, Wall-E, and Baymax might never have seen the light of day. This sequence is one of the most fist-pumpingly satisfying climaxes in all of movie history, grounded by Sigourney Weaver’s Oscar-nominated performance as the tortured heroine struggling to protect Newt, the colony’s orphaned child she becomes a surrogate mother to in the face of creatures with mouths for tongues. Killer Klowns from Outer Space is a 1988 American science fiction horror comedy movie made by... Repo Man is a 1984 American science fiction comedy film directed by Alex Cox. We'll have to go right to ludicrous speed" as you quickly vote on this movie as your pick for 1980s alien movie. It was the torpedo-bay funeral heard ’round the world, one that director and uncredited co-writer Nicholas Meyer took very seriously and gave significant weight. Especially with costumes. Standouts including ILM’s work with that spaceship chase inside the second Death Star and the battle between Rebel and Imperial ships leading up to it. The story centers on young kid Joey Kramer, who encounters a T-1000 looking spaceship responsible for accidentally zapping the kid almost a decade into the future. There are so many tremendously top-notch 1980s sci-fi movies out there, and it's a shame we can't cram them all into this list, but any of them are perfect for first-time viewers, or to share with your family. What better time to continue the story with new Starfighters ready to tackle the Ko-Dan armada? It's a great story with excellent action, clever use of its own budget, and an on-screen rivalry that ends on a satisfying, positive high note. Long before Michael Ironside starred in such hit films as Total Recall and Starship Troopers, he played Overdog, a hideously disfigured villain who kidnaps three women for his own amusement. Did your favorite clothing mishap make the list? 1 day ago. Take a look at some of our favorite retro alien movies here, and load up your queue for an extraterrestrial weekend. Infused with a strong dose of intentional (we think?) This lovable robot started out as a high-grade military weapons project, but after being struck by lightning, he became self-aware and escaped his government enclosure to soak up everything the world had to offer. Or else 1985 Marty will cease to exist. Richter directs with the proper amount of tongue-in-cheek the material deserves, delivering a movie that is both of its time and before it. After all, video games are no longer the stuff of lonely nerds, but a pop culture phenomenon. Derek's been a pop culture nut since he was a wee lad. By signing up, I agree to the Terms & to receive emails from POPSUGAR. With no memory of his ordeal, David is taken to a NASA research facility where he learns that he can communicate telepathically with a mysterious alien spaceship held in their hangar. While obviously far-fetched, that's missing the point entirely. Both have aged poorly, but they're still exciting, entertaining and plenty of fun to watch. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. But here’s hoping the 2019-set epic can gain some new momentum and become Hollywood’s next blockbuster. The two flee pursuing NASA forces while learning about the reason behind David's disappearance. The decade was like Christmas for fans of John Carpenter’s unique, “don’t-give-a-fu**” style of filmmaking. It's a long, but fascinating adventure film that broke new technological ground which would later become a staple in Hollywood cinema. Lou Ferrigno would star as Greek mythology's most famous superhero in two Italian adventure films based on the character. Disney’s Tron takes you inside the world of a very ‘80s videogame, one full of light cycles and identity discs, as Jeff Bridges’ computer engineer must defeat an 8-bit nemesis. Being an actor isn’t as easy as you’d think. Twist Endings That Ruined Otherwise Great Movies and Shows, How Smartphones Would Have Ruined Famous Movie Plots. Help shape this list by casting your votes! It's a shame that audiences have largely forgotten about Johnny Five. Flash centers on one hunky football player being the only thing that stands between Earth and the evil Ming that wants to destroy it. Like Empire Strikes Back before it, this watershed film in the venerable series is the bar to which all Trek movies are measured against. This cult-favorite recently turned 35 this year, and its passionate fanbase still sing its deserved praises. It deserves more attention than it's been getting of late. Ingeniously inventive, Krull is a mixture of medieval Robin Hood-style fantasy and sci-fi elements all mixed into one. 22 hours ago, by Grayson Gilcrease This seminal film only gets better with age — especially when viewed during our more modern and troubled times. The movie takes place in a dystopian future where nations settle disputes over resources by having their best champions duke it out in gigantic skyscraper-sized robots. While the original had its moments, the second film in the franchise is clearly the better, focusing on Hercules dispatching a number of vile villains and monsters to retrieve the seven mighty thunderbolts of Zeus, while battling his arch-nemesis King Minos. : The 10 Darkest Episodes, Ranked. 3 hours ago, by Grayson Gilcrease A parody of George Lucas' Star Wars, Spaceballs is certainly one of the most memorable (and funniest) alien movies of the 1980s. After escaping from a government facility that is studying him, the boy flees across the globe inside the alien craft. (Who wants to watch a sci-fi horror monster movie about an alien that can turn into anything it sees and touches when you have the cute Mr. “Phone Home”? You know the story, it’s your classic tale of a futuristic Detroit cop (a star-making turn by Peter Weller) who gets shot up in the line of the duty. Be very afraid.” Blame The Fly for giving us that iconic line, along with a vintage Jeff Goldblum performance that remains to this day one of the actor’s crowning achievements. But not here. No other movie on the filmmaker’s resume best exemplifies his narrative and visual aesthetic than this under-appreciated classic. Please select the topics you're interested in: Would you like to turn on POPSUGAR desktop notifications to get breaking news ASAP? James Cameron nearly broke his cast in two with the grueling and dreadful production of his 1989 classic The Abyss, but it was well worth the stress. The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension. Unfortunately, it's been all-but forgotten. From Enemy Mine to Flight of the Navigator, here are some '80s sci-fi adventure movies that are still worth checking out. Check out what weird skills actors had to learn to make your favorite movie. It’s a crazy B-movie premise that Carpenter elevates with his no-frills, full-tilt execution of the material that gave audiences even more reasons to love Kurt Russell’s unique standing as a leading man. The movie takes it a step further by throwing two crew members of the USS Eldridge into the future, where they learn that the government is attempting to adapt the experiment to create a shield against ICBM attacks. With a script written by Bob Gale and director Robert Zemeckis that clicks in place like safe tumblers, Back to the Future spins a lot of plates as it reaches back in time (with a DeLorean) Marty McFly and Doc Brown must work together in 1955 Hill Valley to ensure that Marty’s parents get together at the Enchantment Under the Sea Dance. Steven Spielberg’s 1982 blockbuster is both one of the greatest movies ever made and the quintessential story about friendship and childhood — all put through a very warm and inviting sci-fi lens. They're timeless, imaginative and loaded with wonder! Batteries Not Included is a 1987 family-comic science fiction film directed by Matthew Robbins... 'Old' Movies Every Young Person Needs To Watch In Their Lifetime.

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