aileron roll and stall turn respectively. However, the car will stall out, which can be a little embarrassing at stop lights. Compressor stall -- separation of the airflow from the suction surface of the freed or rotating blades of a compressor stall -- separation of the airflow from the suction surface of the freed or rotating blades of a compressor. George's Chapel, Windsor, are the stalls of the Knights of the Garter, in Henry VII. How do you use the word stalled in a sentence?, Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported. Some budding stall holders could be heard driving a hard bargains for their wears. blithe assumption has for many years stalled large-scale, in-depth studies into the link between nutrition and behavior. TURD BURGLAR: A dumper who does not realize that you 're in the stall and tries to force the door open. Example sentences with the word stalled. berry seller set out his stall: " I want the full price for my berries " . He put Ed in the stall and took the harness off before turning to Carmen. Copyright © 2020 LoveToKnow. Copyright © 2020 LoveToKnow. chai tea from a local stall, to collect our thoughts. If you're feeling stalled, take this opportunity to leash up that little buddy of yours and go shopping together! Example sentences with the word stall. We later found her working on the Henna Tattoo stall whilst wearing stripy socks. Sat 26th Today is hog roast, & I am helping at pp stall. The occasional high-rep set, however, is an excellent tool for jump-starting a stalled routine and turning up the heat on lukewarm muscles. On your debut, you set out your stall and unburden yourselves of the best songs you 've written since the start. Furthermore, submucosal fibroids can increase the chances of postpartum hemorrhage, obstructed labor, stalled labor and cesarean section. refreshment stall, like all the others, was very busy. Examples of stalled in a sentence: 1. When she opened the barn door, the Appaloosa mare lifted her head over her stall and nickered. Golden Rule No 3 - Carry out a thorough induction Allows the employer to'set out their stall ' to new employees. dragged screaming onto the NUF sub-committee for Expansion and Publicity, which involved attending to the NUF Unitarian Publicity Stall at GA Annual Meetings. The UN chief 's remarks signaled support for Washington, which has been trying to stall the inspectors ' mission. They sold their new product from a stall at a small music festival in London. © 2020 Saturday, 28th July saw as on the ' Charity Stall ' at Walsall Market selling donated bric-a-brac. The actress left after her contract negotiations stalled. You can purchase separate valances and panels for your shower stall or bathtub shower rod. I follered her out and found where she stalled her hoss. baize doors of sport's inner sanctum is where Coe must now set out his stall. Be sure your car is warmed up sufficiently so that it won't stall. She checked the first stall to see if more hay was needed and called instructions without looking in his direction. 4. postpartum hemorrhage, obstructed labor, stalled labor and cesarean section. If you do stall, eliminate cheese and see if your weight starts to move again. The dairy door groaned as she opened it and Ed whinnied from his stall in the barn. Copyright Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. The last London Maze was a huge success and the refreshment stall, like all the others, was very busy. How to use stalled in a sentence. All Rights Reserved. The mist lasts about fifteen seconds and then you step out of the stall to take a deep breath. See more. She returned to the first stall to find two new arrivals and another on the way. Copyright © Benesse Holdings, Inc. All rights reserved. This is the current usage, but the word was formerly applied, as was the Latin stabulum, i.e. She opened the stall door to release Princess, Casper and Random in the pasture, and then saddled Ed. standingplace (from stare, to stand), to a stall or enclosure for all kinds of domestic animals, cows, sheep, &c. The adjective "stable," meaning firmly established, comes directly from Latin stabilis, also from stare, to stand. After proceeding up the nave, he was to kneel and pray at the topmost step of the entrance of the choir, into which he was to be introduced by the bishop or his commissary, and placed in his stall. stall in the foyer with information about different types of disability. In Whitsun week, 1547, he preached a "notable sermon" at St Paul's Cross, and was given the third stall in Rochester cathedral. She pealed off a couple of leaves of hay and threw them into Ed's stall.

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