The tip of the forewings is orange-brown. She also says that several chemicals in the leaves “deter feeding and reduce survival in the 1st and 4th instars” of the caterpillars. The underside of the wings have gray and a blue-green hue with white spots. The butterfly I saw did stop briefly on some Garlic Mustard leaves. There is also a postmedian band of orange spots with black dots in them. The underside of the hindwing is gray-green with a wavy white median line. That’s because their caterpillars can thrive on a new food source that has been widely planted by humans: Crown Vetch.). Can occur in any habitat in the park. Clear spots are small in the male and large in the female. Description: This is a medium sized butterfly with a wingspan between 1 1/4 and 2 inches. The wings are brown. Flight May - June, early July in some years. This species also looks a lot like the Great White or Great Cabbage White butterfly (Pieris brassicae), but as the name suggests, this species is smaller. The upperside is bright orange or dark orange with surrounding dark areas. Should be a resident in oak woodland in boath counties. Occurs locally in foothill woodland with the paintbrush host. There are four common and widespread species of white butterfly that are frequently seen in gardens and many other habitats. Another one of the common butterfly bush diseases is rhizoctonia, a fungal root rot that makes leaves yellow and drop and destroys the roots. Males have raised white hairs on the forewing. Description: This is a small butterfly with a wingspan between 1 and 1 1/4 inches. Description: This is a small butterfly with a wingspan between 1 and 1 5/16 inches. People accidentally introduced this species to those places. The underside of both sexes is white to gray with many small black dots. If you have raised the caterpillars succesfully and the pupa eclosed into adult butterflies you can start to breed with them. The underside of the forewing is yellow-brown with a yellow bar at the cell and small black patches on the inner margin. There is a tan to brick-red patch on the forewing. Description: This is a small butterfly with a wingspan between 1 1/8 and 1 1/4 inches. In the Phillipines, seeing a white butterfly means that there is a message coming. The forewing is shaded with orange on the outermost half while the hindwing has brown patches in the middle and is edged with dark blue spots lined with gold. The female is a darker blue with wide borders. Mold grows at high humidity and mold close to the pupa or caterpillars is deadly. Description: This is a small butterfly with a wingspan between 1 1/8 and 1 5/8 inches. Occurs along streams with the host Ribes divaricatum. This butterfly has a short tail. The first table contains all the families of butterflies. For some of you, this may be a surprise. This butterfly is variable in appearance. Description: This is a small butterfly with a wingspan between 1 1/4 and 1 5/8 inches. The flight period is March - May and June to August in two broods in the Bay Area. The upperside of the male is yellowish orange with dark toothed borders and curvy scent scales on the forewing. The upperside of the male is coppery-brown with a bright reddish-purple tinge. ALL of their eggs were laid on the Garlic Mustard, even though the caterpillars when hatched stopped eating if left on the Garlic Mustard and only resumed eating if placed on the native mustards.). This butterfly has no tails. The upperside is dark brown. Look for this near perennial lupines at higher elevations from March into early June. Sorry for the late reply. The underside of the hindwings have two silver, pink edged, spots in both sexes. The female's wings are larger and she has longer tails. Not recorded in Santa Clara County but is recorded in Stanislaus County. Inland butterflies are smaller and the yellow forewing patch is reduced or absent. Winging their way to your patch. Flight April into early June. The tail may be missing. The underside of both sexes is white with pale tan markings. The upperside of the male is bluish gray while the female is black. Apparently, a small number of caterpillars feeding on the Garlic Mustard plants are surviving to pupate, just not very many. There is a row of white 'arrowheads' pointing inward in between the black spots and gray chevrons on the hindwing. If you pass by a white butterfly, it means that one of your fallen ancestors is trying to get in touch with you to help you, warn you against danger, provide you with instructions, or with some teaching to change your life. The forewing has two wide gray bands and no transparent spots. I expect to find that Garlic Mustard leaves are toxic to Mustard White caterpillars: If not, I would expect there to be a population explosion of Mustard White butterflies given how abundant and lush the Garlic Mustard plants have become across southern Ontario. Underside of forewing with unbroken pale brown bands from costa to inner margin. The upperside of the male is bright lilac blue with narrow black margins. It usually occurs in foothill woodland, sometimes into teh Transition Life Zone. Description: This is a small butterfly with a wingspan between 1 and 1 1/4 inches. There are yellow spots all along the black edge of the forewing. The likely host in that area is unknown. The female is orange-brown with wide black borders and blurred black veins. The upperside is tawny-orange with many black marks including bars near the base, a zigzag band, a row of dots, and several marginal rows of crescents and dashes. The summer form is pure white above and below. There are also small white spots near the forewing tips. May stray into the park during rare migrations north. There is one tail on the hindwing. The females are dark brown. I don't think there would be any…. The Small White butterflies are very active. The underside is grayish white towards the base. These foliage-feeding caterpillars are rarely a problem for gardeners, but adults may visit flowering plants near alfalfa fields. Flights as early as January or February but peaks in March and April, with lighter forms in May and after. Any of a family of lepidopterous insects that visibly differ from the typical butterflies especially in having hairy stout bodies, smaller wings, and usually hooked antennae.They are called Skippers because of their short, erratic bursts of flight. Flight several broods spring to fall. One brood. The upperside of the male is an iridescent blue with narrow dark borders. Description: This a medium sized butterfly with a wingspan between 1 1/2 and 2 1/4 inches. Spider mites or aphids, usually found on the stems and undersides of leaves, suck the sweet juices of the plant. According to the Nature Conservancy of Canada website, the West Virginia White’s caterpillars are poisoned by toxic chemicals if they eat Garlic Mustard leaves and its eggs even often fail to hatch properly on this invasive plant. Are Garlic Mustard leaves toxic to both types of caterpillars? The underside of both wings is dull white with dark gray or olive bands. Hilltops, ridges and areas where fennels and other hosts in the carrot family occur. Strays into montane areas. (That’s just my wish, not a prediction made in any of the papers I was reading.). White butterflies are symbols of spiritual change. Multiple brooded spring to fall. It has large silvery spots. Description: This is a small butterfly with a wingspan between 7/8 and 1 1/4 inches. The upperside of the male is orange or brick-red with black lines and patches. Description: This is a large butterfly with a wingspan between 1 3/4 and 3 inches. The antennae are very short. The male has one short hindwing tail while the female has a long tail. The male has a costal fold containing yellow scent scales. The Cabbage White butterfly eats cabbage when its still in its caterpillar stage. The upperside is reddish brown with dark distinct borders and yellow chevron shaped submarginal spots.The underside is blackish-gray with a silver, 'L' shaped mark in the center of the hindwing. In the Japanese tradition, a white butterfly is the symbol of the souls of the dead. The underside of the leading edge of the forewing is marked with red, white, and blue; otherwise the underside is mostly a mottled gray-brown pattern. Most brush-footed butterflies have orange colors on their wings, which can make it difficult to differentiate between the species. Metalmark butterflies are a large grouping of butterfly species found throughout the world. Potentially present late May - early September. The female has a red-orange submarginal band more prominent than the male's. The forewing has some clear spots and other dim markings and there is a gray patch at the end of the cell. Likely uncommon in the Stanislaus County portion of the park. The upperside of the female forewing has two black spots while the male has one. Adults tend to stay up high on trees, perch on vegetation on hilltops, or come to mud in wet spots. Found in foothill woodland and in mixed coniferous forest, often in riparian areas and wet meadows. Also likely in riparian canyons or slopes in … The underside of the hindwing has a variable number of small eyespots. The underside is brown with a gray tinge. Often found in Bermuda Grass habitats and pastures. Adults are small, with only a 2-inch wingspan, and appear as yellow, orange or white butterflies with a black border on the upper wing surface. Both surfaces of the forewings are black or dull blackish-brown. Southern and coastal butterflies are larger and have a yellow or yellow-orange patch on the outer part of the forewing. Description: This is a small butterfly with a wingspan between 1 and 1 1/4 inches. (I must have mixed it up with a nearby Cabbage White.) Often very common in Upper Sonoran and Transition Zones. The female is darker, usually cream and black. Multiple broods. No records for Stanislaus County, but possible. Now that I know I could find a Mustard White in Mississauga, I think I’ll go back to the Rattray in the spring and look much more closely. The hindwing has 3 or 4 submarginal blue spots. Under hindwings are powdered yellow. Imported cabbageworms are significant pests to plants in the family Cruciferae, including cabbages, broccoli, cauliflower, and kale. These green, velvety insects bear a faint yellow-orange stripe down their backs, along with a broken stripe that runs along either side. The upperside of the wings are gray. In some countries its illegal to release non-native insects. This is a willow feeder which occurs in streams and marshes with willows. This hairstreak tends to favor areas with recent burns and uses Mountain Mahogany as the larval host, hence its name. My search has been pretty half-hearted: basically, I take a photo of every butterfly I see and hope that one is something different. There is a submarginal band of small yellow or white spots and a wide, red postmedian band. Adults have wingspans of 1.5 to 2.5 inches. The outer edge of forewing usually has a row of orange spots. The upper surface has bold, black stripes with a thick wing border. We just put…, There are a few types of euonymus that grow in different parts of the country, so I can't tell you…, Many Mockingbirds over-winter, so you may see them again if they have just moved around after raising their chicks. The underside is orange with black and silver spots near the forewing tip and the hindwing has rows of silver spots in the disk.There are elongated silver spots in the margin. The male is bright orange-brown with a dark border that is toothed inwardly. Occurs in foothill woodland and in mixed coniferous forest. What’s This White Butterfly With No Spots and No Dark Wing Tips? Both sexes have white fringe. The underside is highly variable from yellow to reddish brown. The flight is at least mid-August into early October in one brood. The female has a patch of scent scales on the 7th abdominal segment. Other garden denizens that destroy caterpillars include spiders and predatory wasps. Generally rare in the Bay Area but there have been many confirmed sightings in the region including Santa Clara County in 2015. The upperside is orange-brown with darker wing bases.

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