Gin Rummy is a game that has over 100 years of history, and that in this long enough time has had alternating fortunes, becoming in some periods a very popular game; while at other times almost forgotten by everyone. With the advent of the internet and new technologies, this game has regained its value, and has won the hearts of many players, who now revel in challenging each other.

Historic nods to Gin Rummy

The Gin Rummy was invented way back in 1909 by an American teacher, Elwood T. Baker, a resident of Brooklyn. The name Gin Rummy is an idea of Baker’s son who I think well to associate the names of two super spirits such as gin and rum. From its inception until the 1930s, this game was popular in every place. There was no player who didn’t like Gin Rummy, until the Bridge came to the scene, which stole a lot of fans from this game. The Great Depression of 1929, again favors the resurgence of this game, since many people began to play it again at home, preferring it to bridge that had a slightly more complicated rules. The 1940s saw the boom of Gin Rummy, thanks in part to cinema. In every film there was a must-quote from this game, which had now entered everyone’s hearts. After a period on the crest of the wave comes the new drop, until today where the advent of the internet has brought back this game, currently among the most popular in online casinos.

Game mode in Gin Rummy

As we said earlier the Gin Rummy is a very simple game, which is why it is much loved by network users. The dealer serves ten cards to the player who has to combine them with threes or quarts; or with a sort of ladder with the same suit. Once these sequences are made, the player closes his hand and wins the game. Check on bwin sports.

How much are the cards worth in the Gin Rummy

As we mentioned earlier, the player to close his hand and win must form threes, quarts or a sequence of cards of the same suit; and to do this has a set of cards that have a well-defined value. The ace has the value of 1, while all cards from two to nine retain the same face value. As for the ten and all the figures, on the other hand, they have a value of 10.

Different tournament modes in the Gin Rummy

As with other card tournaments, the tournament modes are different for Gin Rummy tournaments. You switch from those Sit & Go, where you can enter on the site, sit at the table and once it is complete start playing; or free rolls, where you can play for free and without real money. Of course, this latest Gin Rummy mode is preferred by all beginner players who need to practice, before launching into tournaments with real money and trying to win the prize pool up for grabs.

Game stategie and lay off management

As for the game strategies in Gin Rummy, the main thing to avoid is to fossilize on some combinations. You have to have the ability to change your play at any time, leaving in your hand cards that allow multiple different plays; creating more opportunities and game solutions. The management of the lay off, you can say that it is practically automatic. When a player holds all the complete cards in sequence (whether threesomes, quarts or ladders of the same suit) he must knock to lower them. If he does not knock then by regulation he loses the right to drop the cards on the table. Along with the loss of the right to drop the cards on the table, the player is also forced to rest his cards on the combinations of the opponent who has already knocked and dropped the cards on the table.