The roulette game French is one of the game alternatives that are present within the gaming rooms of Casinos around the world that arouses in some charm, as it is considered one of the most fascinating games. Throughout the history of roulette French, generations of gambling lovers have always been attracted by its elegance that today is also presented in the online version.

The origins of the game

Some scholars of the history of Roulette French believe that, even in the time of the ancient Egyptians, this game was practiced within their community using tools very similar to the Wheel that, in our time, we know. Later, according to the History of Roulette French, it seems that the game has developed in Italy too, actually we do not know in which part of our country, and the game is called the Girella.

The ultimate influence French

The forms that we are accustomed to know about this game, were taken with the birth of modern states in Europe, only in France from the sixteenth century. The mathematician, philosopher Blaise Pascal, who, to explain perpetual motion, used an instrument very similar to the Roulette wheel and which had 35 sections to explain perpetual motion. Soon, the Roulette game was introduced into the gaming halls frequented by the leading exponents of the aristocratic class of the time and was an unprecedented success. From this moment on, we can no doubt state that officially begins the History of Roulette French.

The landing in America

At the time of the revolution French, a group of emigrants set out to the new world bringing with them their habits, customs and even passions for gambling and here the history of Roulette French is enriched by another important stage, that of “export” in the new world. The game was once made known, it was much practiced by gambling lovers and, it can be said that, along with poker, it was one of the most beloved board games in American cinemas. In the 1930s, following the enactment of a law against gambling, roulette continued to be played secretly. Soon, according to the History of Roulette French, the game was introduced in theaters officially, when in the state of Nevada came the legalization of gambling that coincided with the birth of the Casinos that, since then, populated Las Vegas, thus making it, in a short time, the capital of the game.

Online gaming

After the entire twentieth century, the game became the true emblem of Casinos around the world, a definitive step that is characterizing the History of Roulette French is the advent of the internet and the development of online gambling platforms that entertain millions of users today. In addition to the Roulette French is also available the American version and many other very fun game alternatives close to the environment typical of traditional Casinos.

AAMS Online Casinos

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